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Oru Kuri Kandu Naam | Vellam | Bijibal | Hari Narayanan | Jayasurya | Prajesh Sen | Samyuktha Menon

Oru Kuri Kandu Naam | Vellam | Bijibal | Hari Narayanan | Jayasurya | Prajesh Sen | Samyuktha Menon

Here is the video of the song “Oru Kuri Kandu Naam” from the movie ‘Vellam – The Essential Drink’, directed by Prajesh Sen, starring Jayasurya, Samyuktha Menon in lead roles.

Lyrics : B K Harinarayanan
Music : Bijibal
Sung By : Viswanathan
Keys : Vysakh Bejoy
Additional vocals : Jibin Gopal, Vysakh Bejoy, Madhu Paul
Sound fx : Arun Varma
Mixed and Mastered at : Bodhi

Cast & Crew :
Movie : Vellam – The Essential Drink
Lead actors : Jayasurya, Samyuktha Menon
Directed by : G. Prajesh Sen
Produced by : Josekutty Madathil, Yadu Krishna, Ranjith Manambarakkatt
Co Producer : Biju Thoranathel
Banner : Friendly Productions LLP
DOP : Roby Varghese
Music & BGM : Bijibal
Lyrics : B.K. Hari Narayanan, Nidheesh Nadery, Fouzia Aboobaker
Co-writers : Vijesh Viswam, Shamsudheen Kuttoth
Editing : Bijith Bala
Art : Ajay Mangad
Action : Mafia Sasi
Costume Design : Aravind. K. R
Sound Design : Arun Varma
Make up : Libin Mohanan, Kiran Raj
Choreography : Sajna Najam
Project design : Badusha
Production Controller : Sudharman Vallikkunnu
Chief Associate Director : Gireesh Marar
Associate Director : Jibin john
Stills : Lebison Gopi
Design : Thamir Okey
PRO : A. S. Dinesh
Music Label : Inlight Creations
Digital Partner : Avenir Technology

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