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The octopus is one of nature’s smartest and most enigmatic creatures, seemingly able to engage in some of the more complex thought processes in nature while also taking advantage of its unique physical abilities. Recently, some angry cephalopods were discovered to be assaulting fish by striking them with an arm. Their taste for violence doesn’t […]

swiping left.

town of forgotten poets

there he was arriving on main street carrying a backpack and a suitcase both stuffed with papers “WELCOME TO THE TOWN OF FORGOTTEN POETS.” said the shadows that watched from the windows of nearby buildings He didn’t like the sound of their voices but he sighed and dragged his tired feet along they were almost as tired as his soul and just as hurt He’ll have to live on the streets, for the town was overpopulated

town of forgotten poets

Big Brain & Soul

Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature Friedrich Nietzsche Inflate I commune with my soulMore with my becoming ageAnd revel in the sheer rarityTo tweak my internal gauge The end of daysspent by the poolMy soul diesI’m going back to school In Indian mythology, autumn is considered to be […]

Big Brain & Soul

Tea with Lao Tzu*

I invite Lao Tzu to teaon a quilt spread in anopen glen by a river He accepts and sitscross-legged facing mewe both nod our greetings “What can you teach me, Lao Tzu?”“Be quiet in stillness.”I pour tea into his tiny cup “My mind wanders so.How can I learn stillness?”“Meditate.”I fill my teacup as well “I […]

Tea with Lao Tzu*

In My Arms Tonight

Hey peepaals!! How are you guys doing?? So, I’ll be posting a few poems back to back, with other posts too, this month, coz in my “poems” folder, there were 3 unpublished poems! How come I didn’t find these? Hera knows. But never mind, I found them now. I hope you like this poem. I’d […]

In My Arms Tonight


Three short poems toying with the idea of being or feeling disconnected: I. my heart’s aflutter as I knock on the door, and it resonates like never before; he might not be there, but I am not sure, for a knock this sturdy should be hard to ignore, unless you don’t want to be friends […]


एक कहानी सुनो.

. कहानियाँ ज़रूर सुननी चाहिए | पता नहीं कौन सी कहानी की सीख हमारे जीवन की दशा और दिशा दिनों को ही बदल दे | आइये ऐसी ही एक कहानी की बात करते है … एक समय की बात है | गंगा नदी के किनारे एक पीपल का बड़ा सा पेड़ था और मैं उस […]

एक कहानी सुनो.


Pink Freesia Haiku 272 Latest addition Shyly showing her colours All pretty in pink . My freesia bulbs continue to open in a variety of colours. The latest is this pretty pink one. So far it is the only pink, among many white, red, purple and yellow. At about R3 a bulb, these were definitely […]


“The sun flared” #poem #poetry #writing

The sun flared a deep gold low on the far horizon Gilding the western skies  While in the east the night by degrees encroached upon the celestial sheet  As it washed the heavens in a pale ink of blue of pastel tones subdued and bided time awhile Until the glorious finale aloft in the crepuscular skieshad blazed its last  And the firmament yielded to […]

“The sun flared” #poem #poetry #writing


suppose you visit me down here you could discard your mirrors in this unlit cascade this fetish of dirt the rub, the writhe segments and soil the dirt and I we are mutually incorporating – in and out the same simple magnificence Written for Sarah’s dVerse prompt “Creepies and Crawlies”


Frigid Twilight

In weathered sheaves of light before gnarled hands can rest silver strands flow through as painful memories come to mind With each tarnished grey knot spiteful deeds and dead lovers cryremorseful tears roll down a lined facefrozen in songs of frigid twilight  Pale ghosts of the past haunt her  tormenting her languid soulwhispering for final retributionfor all transgressions done ©2021 […]

Frigid Twilight

Caterpillar Analogy – Poem

I have heard of the new earthA wondrous place filled with blissSame constructs but different dimensionsA journey within of self-realization and awareness The caterpillar heard of the new earth toA wondrous place filled with ecstasySame constructs but different physicsA journey within of self-transformation Sacrifice and patience are much needed,For the odyssey is long and often […]

Caterpillar Analogy – Poem
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