Future of Electric Vehicles in India and Effect of Covid-19 on EV Industry



India’s emphasis on next-gen transportation has undoubtedly taken on legs under the incumbent administration, but the ‘Global Electric Mobility Project Plan (NEMMP) 2020’ was launched in 2013 in reality under the previous Congress-led administration. That further puts the concerted efforts for green mobility and electric cars across the aisle in perspective. The country has since been willing to embrace a 360-degree approach to transform into an EV nation.

Electric vehicles are changing the future of auto maintenance ...

In December 2019, India’s rank deteriorated from 14th position in 2017 to 5th in 2018 in the global vulnerability ladder in the Climate Risk Index 2020 published by the environmental think tank, Germanwatch. This provides it all the more rationale for India to make electric cars and buses a mission in countering fossil fuel dependence.

Although the initial movement was seen towards electrification of two-wheelers and three-wheelers, the greater need is for public electric transport and vehicles. Given the current difficulties…

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In the face of an unrelenting pandemic that continues to ravage the world, it doesn’t take a fortune teller to predict that urban mobility will change dramatically.

Concerns about hygiene and social distance are at an all-time high, especially in India’s densely populated metropolises. The concept of shared mobility and public transportation has been especially tarnished by the second wave. Uber and Ola, for example, are fighting back, with the former offering 9,000 free online medical consultations to drivers and their families. Uber also announced a decision to vaccinate 1,50,000 of its drivers in the next six months. Even automobile brands like Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors have extended their warranty and service packages for newly purchased vehicles, ensuring that car ownership does not feel like a burden during lockdowns.

The need for personal transportation is obviously greater than it has ever been. However, economic uncertainty, as it was last…

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Ahaan Hindi Movie Review

Movie Reviewer

Ahaan (2021) - IMDb

About the movie

Ahaan is a comedy drama movie written and directed by Nikhil Pherwani. This movie stars Arif Zakaria, Niharika Singh, Abuli Mamaji in pivotal roles. This movie is streaming on Netflix.

Synopsis of the movie

A young man with Down Syndrome forms an unusual friendship with a man suffering from OCD, how do they both get along forms the story of this movie.

Analysis of the movie

The story revolves around Ahaan, who has down syndrome and this movie focuses on lifestyle and challenges faced by people with down syndrome.

The main highlight in this movie is casting a person with down syndrome as the protagonist as Abuli Mamaji as Ahaan has played this role perfectly without any hassles, if the makers had casted an actor for this role, then the impact would have been toned down and it would not have worked for the movie.

Arif Zakaria…

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Till Tomorrow

This was writtenyears ago when I heard of the passing of one who used to be very dear to me. I had meant to give the original version to her family but I didn’t feel it was the right time. I rewrote it today as a letter to that person, hoping she is looking down on me with love., and I think she is, as I dreamt of her last night.

20140527-102440.jpgI have one favorite memory of you.

Sometimes, late at night, it’s one that still comes back as clear as the day it was made, and I feel like a child all over again.

On my ninth birthday, you took me shopping. I don’t remember if there were any others with us that day- that is fuzzy to me now- but I remember because it was one of those rare days I felt especially close to you. Those days…

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【職安健關注】懷疑猝死個案頻繁        工人如何才得保障?









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Positive Update!


I’ll be sharing a published poem tomorrow!

Please keep an eye out! The Poem, An Old Beginning, was one of three
which I had previously submitted to a poetry contest.

The batch received a semi finalist mention, but they were unpublished.

I’ll be sharing the published poem as soon as I can.

Have fun today!


*A special thanks to a very talented author/editor who made this happen. I’ll be sure to
include their details as well.

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Poetry – Haiku – Nets Filled Full – A poem by Goff James

Art, Photography and Poetry

A poem inspired by a painting by Kritika at Valorous Bird

Many thanks to Kiritka for including the poem besides her original painting in Vivid

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Poem Attribution, Goff James,Nets Filled Full

Copyright (c) 2021 Goff James – All Rights Reserved

View more haiku poems by Goff James

Painting AttributionKritika (Valorous Bird), 2021

Copyright (c) 2021 Kritika – All Rights Reserved

Source Attributionhttps://valorousbird.wordpress.com/vivid/

Be sure to Visit Kritika wonderful blog at Valorous Bird

Thank you for your visit


Art Photography Poetry

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Testing The Get Up & Glow Trio By SBC Skincare.

New Lune

[AD] If you’ve read my blog then you will probably know that I’ve recently tested some products from SBC Skincare and I haven’t stopped using those products ever since and it has been over two months now. The quality of those products is amazing and so far, I love them!

SBC Skincare were kind enough to gift me once again some new products for me to try them out. I’m writing this post in real time so by the time I’m publishing this post, I’ve been using these products for a week now. This post is definitely more of a first impression than a review. If you are looking for products to give your skin a dewy look then definitely check out this post!

Si vous avez lu mon blog, vous saurez probablement que j’ai récemment testé certains produits de SBC Skincare et je n’ai cessé d’utiliser ces produits depuis…

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The Daily Dew💧

Then Reuben spoke to his father, “You may put my two sons to death if I do not bring Benjamin back to you; put him in my care, and I will return him to you.” Genesis 42:37 (AMP)

Today’s devotion is all about speaking without considering what the consequences. While speaking boldly in front of people may feel powerful and influential, the content of what we give life to through our utterance far outweighs the temporal feeling which is motivated by a haughty spirit. Peter, thee disciple of Jesus Christ could boldly testify the soundness of this through his denial of Christ Jesus.

The bible is packed with scripture verses warning us about using our tongue wisely because most often than not we could hardly fulfil our vows to each other not to mention to the Lord and we lack. The consequences which follow, we lack to character to take…

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Some say Randi Weingarten Is Not Political

Poetry and Stuff

The Souls of Children Died in the Wine Garden (Draft 1)

It was a year when
the snide videos
proved the teachers
hated the parents

It was a year of ominous noise,
a year of doom dust and ash,
a smell of sulfur when crows
pecked at eggs and left them

Coming from the ground, far under,
were odd humming and rumbling sounds

those evil sounds were underground like
a swarm of crashing freight trains deep below
like gigantic humming birds as big
flapping their wings like manic dinosaurs
and like angry moose fighting with the Devil

It was a year of strangeness
and a year of hope.

But there were two omens. One was

the cicadas came twice in one year —
once in Spring and once in Fall

the other was that
the rare biting incidents in pre-school
became numerous in the upper grades.

Well actually, more than…

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