Song of the Jungle Gypsy

Grandchild of God.

I was lost then

In the busy of your mean streets

Its drowning deafening noise

Men of crusty souls creeping in the dark

To worship their neon gods

But I am found now

On the comfort of the soft undergrowth

Looking up the tall trees

As the sun rays pierce through the canopy

Leaning forward to kiss the earth

I left footprints on every city street

Yet home at last is my gypsy soul

In the very palms of the creator

His mountains, His rivers and swamps

From gorge to gorge, meadow to meadow

My books of veined leaves

Lifting fluttering young birds to fly

I have loved the wilderness

For loving humans is painful

For it has loved me in return

In the end it’s the jungle’s fragrance

The scent of goodness that remains

And so when the clouds let forth

I will lift my face to the skies

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Sky Sculptor

Grandchild of God.

Who is the sculptor up in the sky?

so undecided on his task

with fleeting marble bubbles

sculpts the ever changing clouds

now a bearded sage

now angel wings widespread

now the shape of my dead dog

Then giving up his task

blows away his marble—Smokey

into a vault like the gate of heaven

and I change my expression –solemn

like I know something of God

the sun peer out brightly

hot on my face

and I get up seeking some shade.

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Bird Scarers

Grandchild of God.

As when the air is yellow

filled with the light of peering sun after rain

and everything looks light and gay

with the sheen of droplets on green

reflecting the yellow light

and with every blink I thought

I was blind but now I see

the joy of vision ever renewed.

We got out of our makeshift shades

made of sticks and arrow root leaves

back to our guarding task

the rice field against thieving birds

a stretch of golden field

bent stalks and ears bursting heavy with grain.

Thinking the birds were long gone

to seek some shelter from the storm

and now their wings too damp to fly

we abandoned our task

and went off playing in the mud

then out of nowhere

a flock of weaver birds

descended upon the ripe rice field

like a horde of Mongols

as we slid in the mud slope – naked.

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Like a Potter’s Wheel

Grandchild of God.

our nakedness together

changed me forever

like a potter’s wheel

we did spin and spin

and slowly came to form

wheel-thrown — playing God

and I clasped the round of her neck

spinning in the wheel

her waist came alive in my hand

and with all the clay left in me

forged her curving hips.


she modeled my heart

big out of its cage

setting it on burning kiln

now unchangeable

with her fingerprints.


I sit here now alone

wheel throwing moon jars

on these wound sheets I retrace

the dimple on her left thigh

dipping my quill in a glass of wine

I write these drunken lines

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Grandchild of God.

When will we go back

or turn the hands of time

to those olden days I long for

to the shunned cultures of old

Now that I live in this present foretold

I long for the happy days of childhood

to run along the cattle in the woods

to join in the songs of the birds

to wade my feet against the morning dew

to watch the golden horizon of the rising sun

reflecting the silvery stars in the clear river.

I long those age group games

to chase around butterflies in the eve of rain

to sing harvest song around full barns

to play hide and seek as cattle graze

to collect wild berries on our way home

Dancing to the beats of our heartbeats

as if in our own world

I long for those fine evenings

the songs of women from the market

the ramble of beats from…

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Catching Dragonflies

Grandchild of God.

Me and my childhood mates

In the sun filled days

We caught dragonflies in fields

Where the grass grew to our chins

and boasted the most colourful–

broad winged dragonflies

which we tied on string leashes

to watch them fly in bondage

we were the dragon lords

who ruled those fields

and there marked our territories

claimed every passing car on the dirt road

and played hide and seek

in the overgrown weeds and thickets


I saw a former playmate today

from a distance in the city streets

in the finest array of garments

a car sleeker than those we claimed

and a lovely companion in hand

looking like the true dragon lord

but there are no dragonflies in this city

and no tall weeds and thickets for hiding

since misery has me on a leash

I turned on the next dingy back alley

to hide my torn shoes…

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Of Jasmine and Orange Blossoms

Grandchild of God.

The big pretty colorful flowers are for adoration

plucked at every stop by the enraptured lover

presented to young women – stuck in their hair

They spend their short days drunk in vase

Then pine and dropping petals swept off tables

My flowers are tiny , seldom catching the eye

unlike yours attract only loyal bugs and bees

the orange blossoms, tiny but bearing juicy fruit

bitter impregnable seeds spit out to grow back

the jasmine blossoms insignificant to wandering lover’s eye

But their sweet fragrance covers the valley entire

Stopping him on his tracks to resolve thus;

Let the rose pine and the women weep

I shan’t be parted from this mystic vale

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Enchanting Brass!!!!

creative content

Brass alway been I’m favourite since childhood because we had those brass utensils at home from my great great grandfather times.Mostly in the olden days people used to cook and store water in the brass utensils but I never known the reason why we used them. One day I asked my mother why we don’t use steel utensils they look awesome when arranged on racks and it takes less time to clean.I still remember those days where me and mother take so many hours in cleaning and drying them with the dry cloth and then put them back on racks during festivals, family celebration,get together or weddings so that was the routine we need to follow during the back days.They look too fabulous and shines like moon lights. She later give me the reason saying “brass were used in olden days because it got to have some scientific quality of…

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Bauble or Bangles

creative content

It was quite sunny day and no significant topic decided for my leisure writting.I went to the cupboard and remove all my ornaments and it was streaming to know what would be concept of wearing Bangles in marriage ceremony, celebration , parties and fashion. I was curious to know why exactly the Bangles become the traditional choice of Indian bride and young girls and how does it reflects to the fashion senses and how does it turned out to be the glamorous ornaments.May these questions sometimes come to your mind and some of you must try yourself to research and explore on the subject. I was in fifth standard then and my granny used to nag me for putting vermilion on my forehead and single piece of bangle in my right wrists.I never known the fact as girl but later it become part of my fashion trends and personality.My first…

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The Best 14 Books For Anxiety

the psychology apprentice

The Best 14 Books For Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common disorders in the U.S. It affects about18% of the populationannually.

If you are one of the many people who have anxiety, you are very familiar with fear, worry, and panic. Much like yourself, I often experience those emotions every day.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of self-help books out there for those struggling with this disorder. I have checked out a few of these books; there are lots of helpful tips that will, at the very least, reduce the intensity of your anxiety. So why not, right?

This article will review the best 14 books for anxiety.

It is important to note that a book cannot replace counselling. However, they are a great option to use in conjunction with counselling or for those who are not in a place to receive counselling yet.

Let’s get started.

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What Is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

the psychology apprentice

When you look up treatments for anxiety, one of the main methods that come up is CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). While I am a big advocate for this kind of therapy myself, there is another kind of therapy that I believe will change the way many people treat their anxiety: acceptance and commitment therapy.

Acceptance and commitment therapy is a type of psychotherapy. This method focuses on mindfulness and challenges patients to accept the feelings that they fear, such as anxiety. The main goal is to encourage psychological flexibility by using commitment and behaviour-changing strategies.

In this article, I will be covering what acceptance and commitment therapy is. I will discuss how the method works for people suffering from anxiety and explore some scientific evidence for the therapy. Let’s get into it.

What Is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

The first time I heard of this kind of therapy is while…

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Top 11 Blog Posts For Anxiety

Thaikkudam Bridge | Pookkal Pookkum – Malare – Oru Daivam | Backyard Sessions

Thaikkudam Bridge | Pookkal Pookkum – Malare – Oru Daivam | Backyard Sessions


Produced and Performed by Thaikkudam Bridge

Original credits

Pookkal pookkum tharunam
Lyrics by Nagarajan Muthukumar
Composed by G V Prakash Kumar

Malare Maunama
Lyrics by Vairamuthu
Composed by Vidyasagar

Oru daivam thantha poove
Lyrics by Vairamuthu
Composed By A R Rahman

Audio credits
Mix and master: Rajan KS

Video Credits
Director: Sumesh Lal
Executive Producer: Sujith Unnithan
AD, Edit: Alby Nataraj
Camera: Mahesh SR, Aneesh CS, Sonu Nair
Camera Asst: Akhil Sundaram
Helicam: Nithin Anthikkadan
Production Designer: Akhilesh KR
Transport: MI Sudheer
Location: Great Hornbill Resort, Nilambur
Thanks: Praveen Muraleedharan

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പുലർവെട്ടം 493

Nelson MCBS

{പുലർവെട്ടം 493}

“The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”
– Norman Vincent Peale
കാർട്ടൂണുകളോടും കാരിക്കേച്ചറുകളോടും അനിഷ്ടം പുലർത്തുന്ന ഏതൊരു ഭരണാധികാരിയും അപകടം പിടിച്ച ഒരാളാണ്. ഡേവിഡ് ലോ (1908-1971) യെക്കുറിച്ച് വായിച്ചതോർക്കുന്നു. പിന്നീട് രാഷ്ട്രീയനുണകളുടെ പര്യായമായി മാറിയ ജോസഫ് ഗോബെൽസ് ബ്രിട്ടീഷ് അധികാരികളോട് പരാതിപ്പെടുവാൻ മാത്രം പ്രഹരശേഷി ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നു ഡേവിഡ് ലോയുടെ വരകൾക്ക്. ഹിറ്റ്ലറും മുസ്സോളിനിയും ജോസഫ് സ്റ്റാലിനുമൊക്കെയായിരുന്നു അയാളുടെ കാർട്ടൂൺ സ്ട്രിപ്പിലെ കഥാപാത്രങ്ങൾ. ജർമ്മനിയിലുള്ള ഔദ്യോഗിക പരാതിയോടുകൂടി രണ്ട് ഏകാധിപതികളുടെ പേരുകൾ ചേർത്ത് muzzler എന്നൊരു പുതിയ കഥാപാത്രത്തെ സൃഷ്ടിച്ച് മര്യാദക്കാരനായി ! നാസികളുടെ’ ദ ബ്ലാക്ക് ബുക്കിൽ അയാളുടെ പേരുണ്ടായിരുന്നുവെന്ന് യുദ്ധാനന്തരമാണ് ബ്രിട്ടീഷ് ഭരണകൂടത്തിന് മനസ്സിലായത്. അപായപ്പെടുത്താനോ തടവിലാക്കാനോ മുൻപേ കൂട്ടി നാസികൾ കരുതിവച്ചിരുന്ന പേരുകളുടെ സമാഹാരമാണ് ബ്ലാക്ക് ബുക്ക്. നിർദ്ദോഷമായ ഫലിതങ്ങൾ പോലും ഒരാളെ മരണയോഗ്യനാക്കും. ദിനപ്പത്രങ്ങളിലെ കാർട്ടൂൺ മറിച്ചു നോക്കിയാൽ പോലും ഭംഗിയാക്കാമായിരുന്ന ഇവരുടെയൊക്കെ ജീവിതം എന്തൊരു ദുരന്തമായാണ് കത്തിത്തീർന്നത്.
എതിർ ശബ്ദങ്ങളെ കാതോർക്കാനാവാത്ത വിധത്തിൽ മുൻവിധികൾ കൊണ്ട് തഴുതിട്ട മനസ്സാണ് നമ്മുടേത്. അപരൻ്റെ ശബ്ദം സംഗീതമാവുകയെന്ന സ്വപ്നസദൃശമായ കാലം ഇനിയും വരാനിരിക്കുന്നതേയുള്ളൂ. അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങളെ കരുതിയിരിക്കണമെന്ന യേശുവിന്റെ താക്കീതിൽ വിമർശനങ്ങൾക്കുള്ള സ്തുതി ഒളിപ്പിച്ചിട്ടുണ്ട്. ഈശ്വരസ്വരത്തിന് കാതോർക്കുന്നതിനെക്കുറിച്ചായിരുന്നു ഈ ദിനങ്ങളിലെ നമ്മുടെ പുലരി ആലോചന. എതിർക്കുന്നവരിലൂടെയും തർക്കിക്കുന്നവരിലൂടെയും തെളിഞ്ഞു വരുന്ന ദൈവനീതിയുടെ…

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