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Artwork of the Day – Stained Glass Geometric Shapes

leverage ambition

Today was a peaceful day. We went for a walk in nature and met a new friend. We walked for an hour and explored the trees and flowers in our neighborhood.

As we walked by the many houses, we discovered a really cool stained glass window that really inspired my artwork of the day today.

When I was in elementary school, one of the teaching assistants would draw our names to span the entire length of an 8 by 11 inch paper. After she was finished it we would color it in with different colors. It was a ton of fun and everyone had a different geometric pattern that reflected their name. Cool times!

Today I did the same and used a green colored pencil to sketch the outline. Soon after I was finished I prepped my watercolor painting station with new water and a paint brush.

We came up…

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Daily Dose for the Soul

Be Inspired..!!

A sense of humility

The active side of infinity fosters a sense of humility. When humility enters your soul, you know that you’re not alone in this world, because you sense the heart of the power of intention, which is in each and everyone of us. To quote the Talmud, “Even if you be otherwise perfect, you fail without humility.” When you embrace the active side of infinity, you’re looking at something so enormous that your little ego is dwarfed in the process. You’re looking out at forever, and your little life is but a tiny parenthesis in eternity.

One of the reasons for so much contemporary depression and ennui is the inability to see ourselves connected to something greater and more important than our own puny egos. Young people whose primary focus is their possessions, their appearances, their reputations with their peers, in short, their own egos have very…

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A List of Miao Words

Operation X

written by Dakota Wang

This list is based on a combination of the items in the Swadesh list and Leipzig-Jakarta list (which linguists may make use of for the purpose of historical-comparative study of languages).

  • 1. Bì dòu, fire
  • 2. Bà miáo, nose
  • 3. Nuò, to go
  • 4. Àng, water
  • 5. Bâ niū, mouth
  • 6. , blood
  • 7. Bú sāng, bone
  • 8. bà guò, root
  • 9. Luò, to come
  • 10. , breast
  • 11. Náng, rain
  • 12. , name
  • 13. Dà dēi, louse
  • 14. Wū dâ ái, wing
  • 15. Niā, flesh, meat
  • 16. Xìng zhà en, arm
  • 17. én , fly
  • 18. Mú háng jió, night
  • 19. Zháo mu niáng, ear
  • 20. Sàng àng, neck
  • 21. ào u,far
  • 22. Chāng, do
  • 23. Biào, house
  • 24. Gū rào,

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Unit 8 – Nobody’s Friend (Q-A)

Priya's Learning Centre

Reading Is Fun

Q.1: What are the things the girl does not want to share ?

Ans: The girl does not want to share sweets, books and doll.

Q.2: Did the boy share his toffee and tricycle with others ?

Ans: No, the boy didn’t share his toffee and tricycle with others.

Q.3: Why are the two children nobody’s friends ?

Ans: The two children are nobody’s friends because they don’t share their things with others.

Q.4: What does the child in the last stanza want to share ?

Ans: The child in the last stanza wants to share sweets, ball, books, games, apple and cake.

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Unit 8 – The Little Bully (Q-A)

Priya's Learning Centre

Reading Is Fun

Q.1: Why did all the children hate Hari ?

Ans: Because he always pinched them.

Q.2: “Nobody took Hari’s hand. Nobody went near him. Nobody played with him.” This shows that Hari had _________________.

Ans: No friends

Q.3: Which of the following actions would make a friendly person ? Write them down.

Ans: Actions which would make a friendly person are:

  1. Respecting other people.
  2. Being helpful to everyone.
  3. Helping your classmates in school.
  4. Protecting a weaker person.

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Unit 10 – Malu Bhalu (Q-A)

Priya's Learning Centre

Reading Is Fun

Q.1: Where did the polar bear live with her family ?

Ans: The polar bear lived in an icy lair with her family.

Q.2: What did Malu learn to do from her parents ?

Ans: Malu learned about catching a fish, from her parents.

Q.3: Where did Malu want to travel ?

Ans: Malu want to travel far away, beyond the big blue sky.

Q.4: What was it that Malu’s parents wanted her to learn ?

Ans: Malu’s parents wanted her to learn swimming.

Q.5: Was Malu scared to swim ? Did she learn it easily ?

Ans: Yes, Malu was scared to swim. Yes, she learned it easily as swimming ccame so naturally to her.

Q.6: Read the last two stanzas of the poem. Whom does ‘she’ stand for in both ?

Ans: ‘She’ stands for Malu in the last two stanzas of the poem.


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Fold Your Hands & Pray For Rain

Marilyn's Room

So far, so good, gang. Now all we need is a weather report. Storm warnings?

Sit tight. Stay safe. I love you guys.

“The Best Is Yet To Come”

Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum
You came along and everything started to hum
Still it’s a real good bet the best is yet to come

The best is yet to come and, babe, won’t it be fine?
You think you’ve seen the sun but you ain’t seen it shine

Wait till the warm-up’s underway
Wait till our lips have met
Wait till you see that sunshine day
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

The best is yet to come and, babe, won’t it be fine?
The best is yet to come, come the day you’re mine

Come the day you’re mine, I’m gonna teach you to fly
We’re gonna taste of the wine
We’re gonna…

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CINDY POLUTA: Parents are tired. But we must accept that life sucks right now

Sunshiny SA Site

A must share for us parents, an interesting read…

As a parent, I am exhausted – and the academic year hasn’t even started yet for the majority of children. Constantly waiting to hear what future awaits our children feels like I have run a marathon. In fact, running a marathon is easier because there’s a definite finish line.
At the moment COVID-19 keeps moving the finish line.

There’s millions of questions that run through one’s mind, but the loaded one is: Do I Have The Strength, Energy, Patience And Skills To Get My Child Through Another School Year?
And the answer is, you probably don’t.

But you have no choice, and the helplessness of having no other option is in itself draining.

We need to stop calling it homeschooling.
Firstly, homeschooling is something parents choose. It’s a calm, organised, planned programme. What we’re doing is crisis-schooling. It’s thrown at us…

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Daily Dose of Nature

Be Inspired..!!

How to Use Earth Magic

Harness the magical energies of the earth to empower spells and rituals for fertility, creativity, prosperity and protection.

Earth is a sensual element that will change prosperity charms, fertilise your creative spells and help your magic to grow. The optimum time of the week to perform earth magic is on a Saturday, rules by the earthy planet Saturn, or a Friday rules by Frigg, the Norse Earth Goddess. If possible choose dawn or dusk when the magical half light is neither day or night, a truly mystical time.

The Magical Outdoors

Earth spells are most powerful when performed outside. A wood, cave, hill or moor make a natural sacred space in which you can attune to the earth’s energy, infusing your spell casting with the forces of nature. If you live in the city, a park or garden can be just as effective. After using…

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