Just a dream: A Poem

I walked through the skyFeeling my hands above highI jumped down then flyMy heart will not lie I looked down and spiedAll the hills making a sighThe girls around me criedFeeling the wind so dry I smiled then I laughedHatred disappearing like a blastI danced and I criedIt […]


Inspired drawing by @girlwithblueroom The moon flings itself around the earth, frantic to find that one place where it feels it belongs–but it’s own excitement is its undoing, and it shoots past every time. Fists clench tight and tears build–sadness is easy, it’s familiar, but anger is hard […]

Haunted House on the Hill – Donna Matthews

She lived in a house on a hill. A long winding road required to reach the front door. Many times you will knock but no one will answer. The mistress is usually hiding and afraid to come out into the sunshine. It’s haunted this hill house. Haunted by […]


Shades of crimson red –I stretch out my hand,to be covered in blood.Hues of gold intertwine,with the branches of the vine,where grapes spill juice,that lands like dew on my face.My moist lips taste like honey,surprising me,with the many sensations,my mind has to process.My arms embrace myself,to give warmth […]

Smug Orbs – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon

At dVerse Lisa is hosting poetics with an invitation to write about an irritating human trait and an extra challenge to try writing a duodora form. dVerse Poets – Poetics – Halloweeny Humans Photo: ”The gaze that sees is the gaze that dominates.” Michel Foucault Smug Orbs […]


Illustration of me of whole day mood To me this world’s a dreary blank, All hopes in life are gone and fled, My high strung energies are sank, And all my blissfull hopes lie dead. The world once smiling to my view, Shewed scenes of endless bliss and […]

The Road

I’ve driven this road a hundred times. Know every curve of the pavement Like a lover’s body By light of the sun Or shadow of a stormy night I know this road But tonight it tastes different Maybe it’s the whiskey in my eyes But I swear I […]


A single drop Cohesive with the Loose oxygen Clinging to the sides Of the glass and each other Trusting the current to fatigue Believing waves will fall away Even when the watermarks on Your walls Remind you Paint and nails Only dance over the damage You still feel […]

Your Greatest Work

look how far you’ve come. how many lives have you lived before arriving in this one?   this one, it is your present you. embrace it, for more lives will surely ensue.   but this one, can be your greatest work yet. you know the most now, a […]

Letter to a teenager

Wrote a poem from the prospective of a mother When you roll your eyes Or turn a deaf ear when I call or when I’m searching all over for my stuff only to find it after an hour in your drawer or lying in your room or your […]

Grizelda & Boo (a Halloween poem)

Poetry isn’t really my thing, but for some inexplicable reason I wrote this a few years back, and I think it turned out okay. Anyway, enjoy! Grizelda & Boo This is the story of Grizelda and Boo Two naughty cats with nothing to do. Glossy and black, with […]


My days in the city,though short lived,were experienced fully.With the thrill of Broadway, living my way,days and nights, echoes and lights.Yet I could always find the silence in the chaos.For me, it provided the best of both worlds. The heat of the summer,and the wind through my hair, […]

Bright Idea

Dancingon myaimlesshead.Stardustsprinklesswiftlyshed. Grippingrelieffrom olddread.Dustywishesquicklyspread. Whisperedsoft cluesmy mindsaid,instantknowledgemy soulread. Runningon thethinnestthread.Lightingpathwaysas stepstread. – Grace Y. Estevez – Reddy Bright Idea

The Dreams, or What You See

Odilon Redon, Orpheus Ask the moon what her whispers mean—dreamtime longing, the after-ache of shadows that slide or slink, glide, or make us thinkof what was–the ghosts of yearning seek the light. I watch, and if I can’t recalleach pink-petaled spring or purple rain, I see them all—the […]

Writer’s block

I watched my words fly awayThat wounded my heart and my wayI waited for them to return again – Jan @jahnavigouri Writer’s block


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