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Love Alone

Born to Love & Love Alone, Live to Love & Love Alone, Die to Love & Love Alone

Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like something From The Oven

Seclusion 101 with AnneMarie

It has taken me nine days but here it is! The focus of my June ‘Accentuate the Positive’ challenge for today is everyone’s favourite – FOOD. 🥘

The title of this post was my son Dan’s motto growing up. (Ok it is the Pillsbury motto but Dan used it a lot). He loved to eat and now he loves to cook (and he stillloves to eat).

Makin’ Bacon! Five pounds of bacon! We eat a lot of bacon – especially on salad, since bacon has no calories if you put it on salad. 😉

Spiced pork salad with homemade croutons.

Elegant chef salad with wine. (It’s the wine that makes it elegant).

Dan fired up the barbecue. His steaks are good but his seafood is phenomenal.

Christmas supper – my favourite part of Christmas! (Or any holiday when I can have turkey). I love the…

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5 Things My School Taught Me That I Am Thankful For 🧐

Quirky Pages

No intro, jumping right into the point!

1: I am thankful to my “all girls” school for teaching me how to interact with boys

Since LKG (I still don’t know what it stands for btw 😄) I have always studied in the same school meaning in an all-girls school (don’t judge me, it’s one of the most popular ones in my city). This means that there is absolutely no boy in my school. As crazy as it may sound, it’s true. So because of that, we children know exactly how to behave with boys 😂.

I’ve had a few guy friends in my life from time to time so I have avoided the awkwardness and I don’t find it uncomfortable to be around boys and talk with boys. It feels perfectly normal to me. Though, that’s not the case with some of my other friends. Not everyone I know finds…

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The Evermore Book Tag

Quirky Pages

Hey Pals!! Today, in honor of the latest album released by Taylor Swift, I am doing The Evermore Book Tag (I just realized the album isn’t latest anymore, but when I wrote this post, it was 😂). I was tagged for this by Ahaana @ Windows to Worlds. She also happens to be the creator of the tag, so thanks to her for coming up with such a fun tag as well as for tagging me. And guys, she even started her own Booktube Channel!!! Do visit her site and channel, it’s really nice.

The Rules:

  • Link back to the original creator’s post:Ahaana’s at Windows to Worlds
  • Tag at least 5 people
  • Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post!!

willow: a book with a character you can’t help but fall in love with

The Magnus Chase trilogy by Rick Riordan. I love every…

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Positive Vibes

Anushka stories

I love you but I love me more

Hello friends. Today was a lovely day… 😊 every day is a new day and special for me. But today was more special. You all know how I write poems. But this time I would like sharing my thoughts with you. Do tell me if I should totally make a part-2? 😘🥰

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Its ok i think, if you love someone else. That’s feeling natural whether its your parents or anyone. But have you ever asked this question who you love the most? Obviously some would answer dad or mom. But my answer would be me. I love me more then anyone. I love myself from day-1. I love how I spend time playing with me and talking to me. I love writing stories and poem for me. I love doing everything for myself as it…

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My All Time Favorite Songs-Playlist

Anushka stories

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Hallo(Hola, annyeonghaseyobonjour) Ok, so I said hi in all possible languages I know. Anyways, Welcome back to my blog, and this is me the legendary and one and only Anushka 😂😂😎. *A big hand of applause*. Okay so Thankyou soo much for your reviews and suggestions. It really means a lot to me… Love you guys 💖❤ So I almost got everyone’s suggestion to post more frequently. I will surely try as I hardly get time since I do a lot of other things too. I also got a lot of suggestions to write more poems, Great will try that too. I also got suggestions to write more fun posts like awards and tags. Ok, will try that too. 🤣😀 Okay so before I list out everyone’s sweets remarks lets continue to the post.

My All Time Favourite Songs


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Whispering Enchantments of Nature-Poem

Anushka stories

Hello my lovely friends and readers. Nice to see you again guys!! Hope you and your family are in pink of health. My blessings and wishes of recovery and positivity will remain with you all. Anyways, I wrote another poem for a contest being held by Soni As you all might know. 😊😍😘 Hope you will love this poem with all your dear heart as I loved writing it.

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Redolent chambers of flowers

With a drop of nectar which showers

A lost deep angelic feeling into these magic vines

Unlock a mood of contentment and cheerful cries

The whispering enchantments awake

As the nature makes its way

A soul combined with divine and power

Removing mistakes which purely are sour

The birds of dawn are perfectly poised

Like a beautiful art or maybe a drawing

The slowest voices can be heard from far

And connect…

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Unexplained episodes from everyday life. Season 2. Episode 1. The Paranormal Scam. Part 2.

Amazing Life

“I missed the train a bit and went to the bus station. I saw a bus to Adana and hurried to run into it, but was suddenly stopped by a heavy slap in the face from an elderly woman driver. It was terrible, I was taken out of the bus station by the guards and blacklisted. It turns out that the bus was purely female and men were not allowed there. I did not know anything about that!” – Aviv’s offended voice rang out in the tube.

“I left Mersin by minibus and I’m already in Adana. But I would not like to find a place to sleep here, but to go further. I don’t know if it will work”, he said an hour later.

“I managed to catch a bus to Konya.However, it is quite old and it looks very likely that it may soon break down. But I’m…

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A torch in daytime

Unhampered steps

Hello! How have you been? It’s been a while 😃. I hope that at the end of this post you get inspired and that you get the message.

Parte after Parte 😂🥂🎊

It was a marriage ceremony where people had gathered to celebrate. As expected, it wasn’t fast so, food and drinks had to be served. At a point in time, the wine finished. This must-have caused great worry for the event planner and the families involved.

No worries, Jesus was there, and so He turned water to wine. He brought calmness to their hearts. Undoubtedly, the whine was unique that the master of the ceremony said :

John 2:10

Everyone else serves his best wine first, and when people have drunk freely, then he serves that which is not so good; but you have kept back the good wine until now!

It wasn’t about the miracle alone, as there…

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Why personal development is important

Unhampered steps

Certain times it seems as if one is stuck in a position where help can no longer be rendered by another person. We sometimes choose to blame the situations around us, and the happening in our societies. Sometimes we forget that it all begins with us. Little do we know that these little things matter, and in the long run, they will surely count.

Personal development is a deliberate process that involves activities aimed at improving and developing potentials, talents, skills, character, awareness, and identity. It is a process of investing in oneself.

There are heights you may not attain until you are deliberate with discipline and conscious growth. It’s sometimes easy to desire certain things in life and to crave for them. The issue we sometimes face is taking adequate steps to do the needful.

Personal development begins with self-awareness in understanding who you are, your personality, strength, and…

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Beyond Skills; what to also have

Unhampered steps

It was a difficult decision for the board of directors. They had done their possible best to scrutinize the last two sets of exceptional candidates fit for the job. Sincerely, these two persons left were excellent in what they had to deliver.

The last phase left was a test of their personalities and temperaments. Although they both were born with it, only one of them had taken the time to work on it. Beyond their skills, one was refined while the other was crude. Only one of them had taken the time to work on it. They were assessed on how they could handle relationships and effective communication with others. The task ahead was a people-oriented one, and as such, an inter-personal relationship was necessary.

Years ago (a long time ago), there was a job opportunity available for a building project. It was a project to be recognized around the…

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Can entitlement be a good thing?

Unhampered steps

What comes to your mind whenever the word entitlement is said, read, or heard? Often times more than you ever heard the word, “entitlement” don’t you feel certain things belong to you when they actually don’t?

Here’s a short story I would love to share with you.

There were two friends, Arthur and Leon living together. They had been roommates since their junior class. For a while, they had done things together. They were of good support to each other and the people around them.

In their school which they both attended, they were known for academic excellence and good morals. They just had that bond that held them so close.

While they were playing around with their schoolmates on the field, Arthur fell and had a fraction affecting his left arm.

He was rushed to the school clinic and then it was taken care of. The doctor…

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Do good people still live?

Unhampered steps

… My phone dropped on my way to church today, just opposite my house. I didn’t notice until I got to church and I had many reasons to conclude that I left it back home.
Fast forward… Returned back home this evening and me putting a call through…
Apparently, someone in my street until I came gave a description of where to collect it from. I have never met him before. Good people still exist in this country. Many of them. ✨ That’s my side of the Nigerian story.

Those were the words of my brother after he had an encounter with his phone’s Saviour 😅.

Oftentimes, what happens to a phone like this after being taken is that the owner accepts that the phone is far gone never to be returned. Probably, it would be taken to a phone technician, wiped and sold, or retained by the individual who…

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A letter to you

Unhampered steps

Whoosh! It’s almost bedtime, and I desire to write to you before I sleep, as this memory still stays fresh within me. How have you been all this while? It’s been a long time since I last heard from you.

There are lots of things to learn from all that happens around us. A simple bark from a dog might be a big lesson to some and a noise to others. Creation always have unique ways to pass messages across to us. Thanks to God, who fashioned beauty in them.

This time around, it was an experience I heard over a week ago while the electricity in my hostel had some faults. As usual, once the electricity is affected, the supply of water also gets affected.

We had pumped water very early on a Monday morning and had all gone out of the hostel for our respective activities. Undoubtedly not…

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Why play the comparison game?

Unhampered steps

Hello beautiful people!!! 🤗😄Trust me, that’s no flattery at all. You are indeed extraordinary and stunning.

While you read that, did you ever doubt whether or not it was really true? Often we ask a lot of questions about our make. We even decide to give a balance to it when we compare ourselves to others.

Little do we know that we rob ourselves the joy of uniqueness and chase after men pleasing.

God did a great job by being the masterpiece and a point of reference when He created us in His image and likenesses. We indeed belittle ourselves and our abilities when we compare ourselves to others.

Appreciating people and how amazing they are is a good thing. Nevertheless, it’s no place to look down on yourself and the gifts you have.

About three weeks ago I got a message which I would love to share with you.

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The tale of a bastard

Unhampered steps

You probably wouldn’t be familiar with me, so let’s keep my name unknown for now till later.

Here’s a part of my story I will love to share with you. It’s one of my life’s tales I would love you to learn from.

It was an era when wars were fought and certain persons were chosen as captains to lead the war at that time. In my country, we usually enjoy peace until we did certain things that called for war. Mind you, captains were like kings in those days. Let’s say Presidents or Governors in your present time.

My background and nature of my birth had a say in my life. All these affected me and my stand in the society. It even got to a stage that my siblings, people I called family, detested me and sent me away from my father’s house because my mom wasn’t a…

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World of fiction : Escapism


Surrendering to the fictitious reality of a story, and getting lost in its imaginative visualisation is one of the best ways to take a break from the real world. Reading a good story helps you to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself. It leads you to pause and reflect, to smile and relax, to reconnect with your soul and to re-imagine what the world is to you.

Curl up on your bed, open the first page of a novel and find yourself drifting towards the intricacies of the characters, towards the creativity of the plot and towards the surrealism of fiction. Feel the power of the written words and embrace the imagination they generate. Immerse yourself in the unexplored connection that you feel with the words.

Feel the poignancy in Charlotte Bronte’s imagery. Feel the light heartedness in P.G Wodehouse’s portrayal of the world. Feel the…

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Remember to smile,
Because it is a charming and delightful world up there.
Remember to laugh,
Because there is going to be felicity and cheer in the air.
Remember to cry,
Because you’ll find many gloomy and lonely days ahead.
Remember to yell,
Because there might be much injustice to dread.
Remember to breathe,
Because the thrill of adventure can take your breath away.
Remember to believe,
Because at the end- it is all going to be okay.

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As I looked from my tiny balcony through the fog and mist,

A question crossed my mind, do angels really exist?

I, for one, always believed in things I couldn’t see

And while star gazing, there wasn’t any end to my curiosity.

As a child I believed infinitely in harry potter and marvellous magic,

Thought with a swish of wand, I could wipe off something tragic.

Magic does work, but probably not that way,

It works through firm belief and hard work, I say.

Well, all my philosophical thoughts apart,

I do believe that life is magical from the core of my heart.

Coming back to my balcony tonight,

I saw a silhouette against the dim moonlight.

I squinted my eyes to get a clearer view,

And my heartbeat raced when I saw a fairy flying across the sky so blue.

I looked up at the sky in awe,


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A Tribute To Father’s Day


Good morning! Goood moorning!  Good morning.


I cheated and gave Jay his gift Friday and Saturday. 😕 oops!

Again, I’m left thinking about my dad today.

An ordinary hero. Mr. Sergeant B. hahahaha you almost got me to divulge the name there. 😛

Aside from his military presence, he was a dad WITH a powerful presence. I cannot begin to express how often I find myself shedding his  messages with my own children today.

My favorite, “Patience is a Virtue.”

I am most grateful, that even in my small time with him, he taught me to look for a deeper meaning. When I began growing up, and becoming a woman, and all he could do was cringe at the fact, I was still his little girl. Even in the moments when I’d dissapointed him, he stood by me. My sun, my strength, my wisdom, and logic.


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