The Pool Of Thoughts

If any of you are confused by Nani that means grandmother.(I am sure ya’ll know but-) Well anyway its my grandmothers birthday, so I wrote a poem for her! Happy Birthday Nani! We love you!!!!

At four in the morning an angel wakes up,

She cleans the house from every lamp to tea cup.

Then she cooks up the tastiest breakfast for all to enjoy,

From her daughter to her little grandchildren, girl and boy.

However old she may be she is active indeed,

She walks every morning, evening and then chills and reads.

She swims all the time and she is amazing at it,

Full of determination she’d never quit.

Her cooking is awesome, her cakes are divine,

Like something special she glows and shines.

Sometimes when we are naughty her fiery temper comes out,

But either way she is the best, without a doubt.

She has a bit…

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