Doing the Blogging Thing

Dubbed Emotions

Alright world, I am going to see if the whole blogging thing is actually helpful. I didn’t feel like using the tutorial thing so I’ve been hitting buttons to see what happens. It seems pretty straight forward, but I’ll learn as I go. Kind of like life.

For 33 years I have battled (more like slap fights) depression, anxiety, and every other cliche mental illness. Mom is the same way, but I am getting worse over the years due to traumatizing events contributing to my special brand of crazy. In my case, nature and nurture bent me over and had their way with me.

Thanks to my wonderful ability to be invisible in the masses, I want to be shamelessly honest here. I want to really look inside my mind and lay it all out for inspection. Since I will never ever see anyone’s face, I may be able to…

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