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Kaya is not willing to go to school. She doesn’t like her teacher, because she pushed her for study and Kaya only likes playing. She asked her mom, “why she is going to school? She doesn’t like it.”
Kaya’s mom tried to explain it to her, she said:
Monday morning, this is 9 o’clock. Children are rushing to their school. Most of the children are not willing to go to school. In the school, they start learn from Alphabet and get specialization in many streams of education.
In the school, they learned discipline, manners, theoretical and practical knowledge. They also made friends and create a social bonding. In school, we actually know how to treat with someone else even if we are not know to him. We learn to respect elders and love youngers. We also learn to help someone.
In school, we learn together, playing together and live like…

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