Tunisia..The Land of Harissa, Olive oil, and Freedom! 🇹🇳

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The flight

I flew with TunisAir from Casablanca to Tunis and the total duration of the flight was a bit less than 3 hours. It was on time, boarding went relatively smooth, and flight was generally comfortable. However, the plane was a bit old, food was inedible, no in-flight entertainment, and seats were in a bad shape. I didn’t have high expectations about the flight as I already knew that TunisAir is going through a turbulent time. On the other hand, cabin crew were very nice, friendly and professional. When I was offered “tea or coffee”, I answered with “Coffee, please” and said that in Arabic, the flight attendant was curious and asked me in a sweet Tunisian Arabic dialect “Where are you from?”. I always pause for moment when someone asks me this question as it’s always hard for me to give a quick precise answer but at the…

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