Moscow, the Centre of the Russian Universe! 🇷🇺

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Moscow is a Phenomenal City

Moscow is an incredible place; it is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. It’s a gigantic city with 12 million inhabitants, 3 major international airports, 9 train stations which makes it the largest city on the European continent and one of the largest in the world. Moscow is an iconic city and the centre of politics, economics, and science in Russia.

I was fortunate to visit many cities around the world but if I want to give one city the title of “The City That Never Sleeps”, I will gladly give that title to Moscow. Furthermore, the city has numerous reasons to attract visitors to explore its magnificent beauty.

I visited Moscow 3 times in the last few years for 2, 2, and 4 days respectively. During my short visits, I managed to explore some interesting parts of Moscow and I would…

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