Love is hard!

daily knowledge

I think the most toughest and hard thing is to do love.

The tears of lover Will define the intensity of lover, how much he loves her beloved.

Love is nothing but patience. And patience &love are both equal in all aspect.

Love can’t understand by thought ,it define itself. Love can’t be measure it just flow in all our body with full emotions.

In love person disgrace of himself and make fun by the people. In front of her beloved. No one will understand the intuition of her.

Because lover doesn’t have any excuse to the people who make fun, and also the beloved one. And also beloved were unknown from her lover’s pain. They just see same as common.

Lover die at every moment of beloved love. Lover intoxicated in the poison of love.

Love for the love is like sweet poision and they just swallow regardless of…

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