Challenge your destiny.

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Is it possible to challenge your fate. Is it real or it’s a illusion. Is this happen in world or it’s just a coincidence.

God has planned everything in advance. God creation gives us a type of synochrocity secretly. But what happens in real.

Is this happen acco to our thoughts, understanding and feelings. The mixture of these three things will lead to our destiny.

Destiny make our path more clearer, but is it true that everything is preplanned good for everyone.

No that much, I think some destiny will make for a person past karma which happens on the sinful life we live. And some for the good one happens on a blissful life.

To challenge your destiny, you need only a type of awakening, which leads to ultimate power (consciousness).

Consciousness helps to decide whatever you do regardless of good, bad it safeguard from consequences.wheather good or bad…

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