Sometimes the world around you makes you do things you would never do out of the circumstances

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It’s not uncommon for people to view what has happened to them in life as part of their very being. Lost your job, and now you are a loser? Lashed out at a friend or family member in anger, and now you are a jerk? Had too much to drink or eat, and now you are a lush or lack willpower? Look at the different circumstances you have been in and consider the self-talk you use to connect who you are with what has happened. It isn’t always negative, either; let’s say you won an event and you are intelligent for doing so, or that you got the opportunity to pursue a dream vacation or job and you are smart as a result. In almost all cases, people take the situation—what has actually happened—and associate who they are and how they describe themselves with that situation.

put in a lot…

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