Sociopath’s Carousel of Madness

Raw Writings - ©BBYCGN

Carousels capture our attention with their musical and colorful slow spinning array of pretty painted horses, but there are some merry-go-rounds that, once we board, will end up being the longest ride of our lives.

Nostalgic whimsical displays that trigger sentimental memories of all things wholesome and endearing are the illusions the Sociopath creates as his/her carousel seizes our attention in its magnetic, unearthly charm.

Sociopath’s Carousel of Madness, BBYCGN
Warning New Victim

These diabolical characters speak the right words in their melodious tones and captivate us in soothing phrases such as“Marrying someone of your quality is my heart’s desire and has been my whole life”; “Youaloneunderstand me”; or, “I have met no one like you before except for my former soulmate who died disagreeing with a loaded shotgun”.

Such tender sentiments feel surreal and we foresee afairytaleending. Grand performancesappeal to the majority and entice many into choosing the Sociopath’s madness-ride over any other.


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