Searching For Fairytale Love

Raw Writings - ©BBYCGN

The Narcissist’s Love Bombing mimics the fairytaleromancethatmany of us read about from as far back as early youthwhen we were babes and brats running around in our Sponge-Bob Pull-ups.

Henceforth, we attempt, in joyful anticipation, to sacrifice our life’s energies into searching for fairytale love to our detriment.

Searching For Fairytale Love

Searching For Fairytale Love

Reckless Need

In our consuming,almost desperate,search to fulfill this mission of ardent yearning, we forget to nourish ourselvesthislong-awaited attention. We neglect the genuine care for ourselves in which we would lavish a beloved, or even our own child.

Therefore, our dawning excitement for asoulmate,that once flooded us with joyous anticipation, turns into turbulent anxiety as we search in a frenzy for someone to fill the deep void caused by our own self-disregard.

We then radiate traits, such as desperation and reckless need, in which predators target, thus making us easy marks for these…

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