To whom so ever it may concern

Learning with Life

Picking on others just to make themselves feel less..
Advising unnecessarily when they seek just acceptance..
If someone is considering themselves perfect that doesn’t provide a licence to hate..
Don’t realise, but a little damage done can turn into disaster if not checked in the correct time frame..
To the person who just adjusting themselves strangely when they can easily stand out great.

Everyone is exclusive in their own way
But still want to fix others when not at all required what to call it hypocrite…
Love yourself enough to forgot bring in hate..
The World is not a fair place, but still enough for all to be themselves…
To satisfy ego unnecessarily picks on the innocent being…
Who is unique in their own way but struggling with self esteem..
Look they also started finding fault in themselves forgetting god made them impeccable…
a masterpiece that unfortunately slowly getting discomposed…

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