Poem: Fragile

Chronicles of an Ordinary Life

It’s quiet and I lay in my pool of sadness
There’s no air I must be drowned in Atlantis
The silence is loud but how can it?
I’m fragile and soft I can’t take the madness

When did I become fragile and soft, I wonder
At a glance I lose balance and words blunder
Was it that time you yelled at me?
That can’t be reality for I must be stronger

Threading past paths, hoping it gets serene
But a sharp bang breaks, shatters the dream
Was that everything I ever had?
I observe the rubble, and I begin to bleed

Out there is a scary and lonely space to be
With no friends shoulders that I could see
On what will I go on and cry?
Maybe God’s shoulders? I pray hoping He hears

-Basher B. 

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