The Ultimatum

Stories I've Never Told...

She gave him an ultimatum. She said he had to marry her within the next year, or she was done. She’d been with him for years already.

She still had a bit of a wild side to her back then. She liked having a bit too much to drink and having to balance on a handsome stranger’s arm to get her down the stairs to the subway platform. Never anything more than that. It was all in good fun. She really loved him. She really wanted to marry him.

When he hesitated, said he wasn’t ready, she was hurt. We made alternate fantasy plans. When the year was up, we’d ditch Canada and go to Spain. We’d teach English and room together in a villa in Seville. We’d eat paella and drink sangria every night, never worrying about relationships.

But her parents got involved. Her father sat him down and…

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