The Reccurence

Stories I've Never Told...

I’m driving. A red corvette through a sandy dessert expanse that I’ve never visited before. On my left are jagged copper cliffs. I miss the sharp turn and suddenly my car has flown through the guardrail. For a second, I’m suspended in midair, looking down at the dunes below me. Then I realize that I’m going to crash. I open my eyes, and I’m safe beneath my covers. 

I’m speeding recklessly through city streets. I tear through a yellow light without thinking. I can’t seem to slow down my car. I slam on the brakes when I see stopped traffic up ahead, but the car pulls forward even faster. I smash into the back of an old taxicab. I jolt up in my bed.

I’m on a highway surrounded by greenery. Trees and shrubs and open air. All four windows are down. Everything is beautiful. Except for that flat grey wall…

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