The Mama

Stories I've Never Told...

Mama gave birth to her first litter of kittens at the far end of the park. She nestled herself as far away from the playground as possible between the weeds behind the bench on the trail that led down to the woods. The air was cool, the rain fell hard, and Mama knew something was wrong right away.

Mama’s kittens tried to drink her milk, but there wasn’t enough to feed them. Her kittens were small and weak. The wind made their tiny bodies shiver. She tried desperately to find them alternative food sources – bugs and mice and things around the park, but it was of no use. They needed her milk, but she didn’t have enough to save them.

Mama was mourning the loss of her litter when the woman with the long black hair came jogging up the path. Mama recognized her scent from the grey house…

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