The Gunman

Stories I've Never Told...

It was my first day teaching the pathway program at my school. I’d worked hard in the general ESL program as a rookie, and I’d been promoted to the big leagues. I was feeling good. Teaching pathways meant a new office, a different boss and added responsibility. Students had to pass my course in order to get into university or college. I would be playing a crucial role in my 19 students’ lives.

Teaching this program meant a new location for the summer too. We’d been outsourced. Our school was too small for the increased amount of students that enrolled from June-August, so they’d rented out classrooms at the University of Leafton, downtown. Although I wasn’t teaching for the university, I was still using their campus, their blackboards, their chalk. It felt like quite an accomplishment.

The first thing I did was go through standard first day introductions. I could…

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