Yeah, but we grew up why?

A most awaited way to Express love

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They say time is a healer, does it heal all wounds? They say it cures all the pain, but is it right to believe?

Scars are never gone, nor they faded a bit. Just lessens the pain. On the worst day it worsens alot and that is not so pleasant feels, it breaks me every single time.

I know my battle, still can’t figure out wheater to walk away or fight? What and who is upto time, space and the pain?

As I am injured badly it is extremely anxious for me to identify the evil and angel? They both seems same! Hallucinations!! Happens.

The colorful world of mine collapsed to black and white I have been insanely in love with dark nights. Apparently, it’s time to love daylight and prove my inner self that black and white are beautiful too.

Thus, somewhere “between in…

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