ATARAXIA”a state of freedom from; emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquility”

A most awaited way to Express love

Being free help us in realizing that we have Wings as wide as clouds and dreams as bright as sunshine.

In end you may count footsteps which failed but you will see achievements to the roadways.

If the time is right or hurdles makes you away you have to become a brook which shifts with rocks to make its way to river, you have to become river which never afraids to fail just goes away with every wave.

Light that you will see after is not far away from you it’s within you, within you lies the whole world which grows into a garden- a garden whose positive thoughts makes milestones into a miracle.

Roads never stops whether they are not broad enough according to its size but they never stops until they make their destination shine.

– Harshita Pandey 🕉

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