The story of Origin of Earth

Knowledge makes us human

Who among us have no fantasy to know about our planet Earth. Every single nation has involved itself in expeditious research programs. These programs include the Earth, the Universe, and every location with the possibility for resources. The increasing population, and there need of ample amount of resources is forcing every country in the race of research and development. Let’s gather the information we have till date about the “Origin of Earth.”

Origin of Universe: Old Theories

  • Nebular Hypothesis, by Immanuel Kant, revised by Laplace, 1896: Planet were formed out of cloud of material associated with youthful sun, which was slowly rotating, and slowly the matter condensed.
  • Chamberlain and Moulton, 1900: A wandering star approach the sun, leads to separation of cigar shaped extension of material from solar surface, as the passing star moved away the separated material continued to revolve around sun and slowly condensed. When…

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