The “Devil’s Interval” & the ancient Solfeggio scale


According to Mental Floss, music is that powerful thing that can raise our spirits, carry us through athletic pursuits, or make us weep. Its very fabric is a source of power and intrigue, too, since just a measly few tones can do anything from shatter glass to manifest the Devil’s Tritone.

The Devil’s Tritone or the Devil’s Interval, diabolus in musica, is a combination of tones that has led to some of the most chilling melodies in music history, from classical compositions to heavy metal riffs.

As much as it’s inspired composers to explore the dark side in music, however, the Devil’s Tritone—a.k.a. the diminished fifth—also has a stirring effect on audiences for some very technical reasons. Some say that the devil’s in the details, and if you listen closely, you’ll indeed spot the Devil’s Tritone giving a certain edge to many popular tunes from different…

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