Surviving The Apocalypse

Joseph Iskarius

I assume you’ve my read article The Coming Collapse of TheSystem before reading this one.

The System Collapse. The Armageddon. The Desolation. The Apocalypse. Whatever you want to call it.

Actually, you can call it happy fun time with Jerry and Jane if that makes you feel any better about it, but it won’t change the facts: what is coming won’t be pleasant.

That being said, I don’t know what exactly is coming or how long it’ll last. I have no idea.

But at the same time I’ve read, heard and seen enough to know something massive and horrible is about to happen, and whatever that something is, it’ll be of Biblical proportions.

There is also a chance that the worst won’t happen. However, and unfortunately, we’re sliding in the wrong direction at this present time. At the very least we can say we are not going back to the…

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