Part 2: The Enemy And How To Defeat It

Joseph Iskarius

This is a follow up article to “Your Life Is A Lie”. If you didn’t already, you should take a look at it first, as this is where I continue the discussion from where the last post ended.

This time, watch the videos. They are short and relevant to the story.

We all have or have had enemies. If you haven’t, then you either haven’t truly lived, or you haven’t been paying attention.

Most of us don’t set out to make enemies. It just happens by accident from time to time.

It could be the way we walk, the way we talk or the way we think. Sometimes it has nothing to do with us at all. Something is going to upset that special someone, or something, out there.

So its not really about whether you have enemies (you do), but instead, how to deal with them in efficient…

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