Mythological Creature; The Anakim, giants from the land of Canaan with writing prompt


According to Earth-History.com The Anakim lived before the great flood and Noah’s ark. The flood was apparently deliberate to clean the earth of these unholy creatures. Many say these beings were well documented and really lived. I’m here to talk about these creatures from a folkloric standpoint. If you believe they were real or if you believe this is heresy- in either case, this may not be the post for you. We are working up to a writing prompt here and this creature could be a great source of inspiration for your writing.

Before the Anakim, came the Nephilim. Before the Nephilim came the fallen angels. Before the fallen angles, came the Angels and Arch Angels. Some call them demons, fallen angels, or aliens. They use these words to describe what the Anakim were. Either way, they were gigantic folkloric creatures. Humanoid, but I’ve seen them with…

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