Creature Concept Design for Writers- Comparing the process of developing concept art and writing believable Sci-Fi characters


I am a big fan of the Syfy channel’s show FACEOFF, and it got me thinking about the specifics of brainstorming the characters for the show and how creating and 3D design relates to our craft and the creative business of being writers. We too must master the art of creature concept design on paper. In an interview with Jerad S. Marantz on gnomon.edu -Jerad shares 10 important things you need to know to become a concept designer. I am sharing this truncated version of the interview because I see definite similarities in the process of creating believable fantasy and science fiction characters.

1. Creature design starts with real animals

A well-designed creature, no matter how unearthly, draws inspiration from its earthly counterparts. “Creature design is the combination of familiar elements,” argues Jerad. “You’d think you could do almost anything, but if you do, the creature…

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