Stories by Ryan Barnard-Stoker

Photo by Brian Fegter on Unsplash

The morning sun awoke them both. To their surprise, they had both fallen asleep and they awoke to the gentle swaying of the boat.

“Waves,” Freddy’s voice quivered.

“Waves means fish, Freddy,” Sam said.

Sam reached down and pulled out a bag that had been tucked just inside the edge of the boat. He prepped a fishing rod. Then he grabbed some bait from a can that was in the bag. He tossed the hook with bait on it over the edge. It wasn’t long before they got a nibble. They were so excited they didn’t care that they couldn’t cook the fish. They took turns biting it, ripping it apart like they hadn’t eaten in months.

After their stomachs were full, they continued paddling. A few hours later, they could make out some land in the distance.

“What is that?” Freddy asked.


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