Sad mask (Part 1)

Stories by Ryan Barnard-Stoker

Photo by Brian Fegter on Unsplash

From the beach he stared out over the ocean. An orange glow highlighted the water as darkness pushed the sun over the horizon and the last wave of the day rippled across his feet. He felt the sand make one last pull, like a grainy mat being tugged out from beneath his feet. The ocean became still, and the constant sound of the tide was now quiet. Whales, dolphins, and other creatures of the sea screeched in agony. It was as if they knew something that Sam did not. He continued to get into his boat and started paddling deep into the silent waters. He knew if he went out just far enough, he might find a wave. Before he left, he promised his family just that. He would be the first to find a wave at nighttime. The air was becoming as stale…

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