How to fix ghost shifting under load bicycles

Frugal Average Bicyclist

I’ve spent about the last year trying to stop my Fuji Cross Comp from ghost shifting. Every time I checked it on the stand it shifted perfectly. Often, I would have rides that it shifted fine. But most often I should shift and later when I put some power down, I’d get that loud shifting under load sound. Really annoying.

Early on I brought the bike into the shop, and they tested the rear derailleur hanger and said it was a bit bent. They bent it back a little, but said it was still off a bit. Seemed like the problem was better for a while, but it came back. So, I bought a new hanger to replace it. While I was replacing the hanger, I noticed the chain was actually broke. Not completely, but one rivet was loose. So of course, I replaced the chain.

For a ride or…

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