You Are Never Alone (Reblogged from Selma Martin)

None of us exists alone, We are all connected to each other. And so we are here to help each other. You are not alone.

You Are Never Alone #dVerse #puzzle #poetry

👆👆👆 Please click on the quoted text above to read more… 👆👆👆

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  1. Ummm, yeah?!? Why is MY entire blogpost here? And why does it say right off the bat that it’s BY Nelsapy— by who? Who is Nelsapy? Who are you?

    We don’t plagiarize do we?

    Give the right attributes please. This post is NOT BY NELSAPY. FIX THAT!!!!!

    And if this is a reblog, I don’t think it should appear this way. Fix it!!!!!!!

    This is not a post BY Nelsapy!!!! It’s a post written BY SELMA. AND Selma has exclusive rights to it. Fix it!!

    Reblogging is fine, but add the appropriate attributes. Please. Thanks.

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    • Dear Selma, Reblogging is just a means of sharing the content of the Original Author. It is only reference link to the original post and content by you. Please see the quoted link at the bottom on the reblogged content on my site. It will direct the readers to your blog post. Reblog is an option provided by WordPress itself and that is not plagiarism. There is no full content sharing but only a sample of your post automatically generated by WordPress. Thank you for understanding.

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      • Dear https://loveandlovealone.com/about/
        I like it when people share my posts and welcome my posts being reblogged. We all want more people to read our work.
        You are short on the human aspect.
        You are short on the courtesy aspect.
        I find that misusing the option WordPress affords us bloggers to be unethical IF the two points above are ignored.

        Use YOUR own words and IF YOU USE MINE please quote them as mine. (Otherwise you’re plagiarizing!)

        “sample of your post automatically generated by WordPress,” you wrote. Hah!
        Well guess what, those words were not ‘generated’ by WordPress.com they are written by ME! Quote them as such!

        For transparency mention that you’re reblogging a post.

        The reblogging IS “BY” you; the Post is NOT “BY” you! So make that clear at the onset. Please.

        © 2021 selmamartin.com
        Thank you for understanding.

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      • Sorry, I dont’ think i can convince you about how reblogging is done on WordPress sites. Actually the text from your post is a quoted text referring to your original post. So the reader could easily understand that it is a reference and not a copy. Please check other Reblogs on my site. Usually people appreciate and thank me for reblogging their content. This is the first time i am getting complaint about that.

        Anyway i don’t want to argue anymore. Sorry if i have hurt you. I have updated the Reblogged content; please check. If you are still not happy with that please tell me i can delete the entire post at the earliest. Thank you.

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      • Yes! Satisfactory. Thanks for fixing. Now, there’s no mistaking what’s happening here. I appreciate it. You’re like the curator of a museum and I’m happy to have my work displayed by you. Thank you.
        My articles have been stolen and passed as someone else’s before. Twice! Along with a group of Writers. We went months asking the online magazine for reparations.
        What I got from those two lessons is that the intent needs to be transparent. Words matter!
        The good thing here is that you were available & courteous in our communication. Thanks for that.
        Now go be creative: Write something impressive that I can reblog. You’ve earned that right. Thanks for the reblog.

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