Questions & Answers (Firewater Questionnaire)


I’m a sucker for a good questionnaire. It’s like being interviewed by Johnny or Dave, only with the time to think about your answers. This one came from Nova Namasté via Sadje@Keepitalive.

  1. Growing up, what did you want to do professionally when you got older?

The phrase “growing up” is key here. I remember being a six-year-old living in Puerto Rico with my parents (Dad was a Navy man), and my three dream jobs at that time were garbage man, clown, and professional singer. Mom and Dad used to make jokes that I could do all three at the same time. My parents were capable of being such assholes.

By the time I was a ‘tween, I wanted to be a writer. Also, a comic book artist and a teacher, in addition to garbage man, clown and professional singer.

  1. Do you live in the city or state of which…

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