Loki: Season 1 (Disney+) — a review


You can’t fool me. All of this time travel and Sacred Timeline/Nexus Event stuff is just more magic disguised as incomprehensible technology.

In this particular story, it doesn’t bother me overmuch, even though I’ve been honest about my semi-aversion to magic in past reviews. As I’ve said before, when it comes to swords & sorcery fantasy, I prefer to lean most heavily on the swords part of the equation.

But, when it’s necessary to have magic in a story, having it also include mythical Norse gods is a plus. They pair well, like a full-bodied Chardonnay with poached salmon in butter sauce.

Sure, I know that, in the MCU at least, the citizens of Asgard have been retconned to be just another alien race, not gods per se. Much of their “magic” seems to be couched in the aforementioned incomprehensible technology or dwarf craftsmanship. I accept this premise and…

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