Depression Is Not Curable with “Life Hacks” or Lifestyle Changes.

Fire In Wonderland

I’m going to dive right in here. This is definitely a hot button topic, and I almost didn’t write about this, but…

The idea that simply making a “lifestyle change“ in order to combat depression is ludicrous. Sure, positive thinking goes along way to changing your mindset, but people who struggle with depression have trouble thinking positively. It’s not as easy as just telling someone look for the positive things, because someone with depression has a brain that is hardwired to find negative things. It’s not about whether or not they have a lifestyle that lends itself to negativity (although I will admit that doesn’t help things), but about a chemical in balance in their brain.

Every time I read a blog, or have a conversation with someone, or see an article that says I can change my depression by willing it away with positive thoughts, I want to scream…

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