Trần Băng Khuê | The Nets (10)


By Trần Băng Khuê, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm


The Nets


I started seeing them everywhere.

In places I’ve lived or where I may have spent a few hours.

This time, I had to make sure it was not a dream or passing hallucination. I definitely saw them. Clear, vivid, no surprise. It was as tangible as though it was 3-D. I didn’t see it with my eyes. I saw it clearly in my head. I thought, I should practice seeing my surroundings with my mind instead of conventionally through the eyes. The brain is more attentive. But then, I can no longer see it. It has left me. It has disappeared from a mind full of dreams that is mine. Mercilessly they have abandoned me. The sickly pale bluish nets, the connection between the sky and the parallel universe. The nets present behind the wide opened…

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