The Richest Man in Babylon

kevin kinge

A story is told of the great city of Babylon. Of its glory and grandeur. With tall walls that seemed to touch the heavens, strong enough to ride a six-horse chariot on top, protecting the city and the castles within it. A wonder only comparable to the pyramids of Egypt. Sitting in the barren dry land, this didn’t hinder Babylon from having its bountiful harvests of wheat and barley so much as to attract traders to the city despite it not being on a natural trade route. Sitting beside the Euphrates River, the wide canals supplied water to the city allowing for irrigation. This at the time was a great invention. The Sumerians enjoyed even more advancement from spears and axes to written clay tablets for record-keeping. They also had a trading credit system that helped in their businesses. Gold was said to be as bountiful within its walls, all…

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