the endless road war

Rosliw Tor Raekül

the road is 
a battlefield,
drivers are at war
with time and space,
with the environment
and the other drivers
on the road.

i was in the car
as long, if not longer,
as any other time
in the past two years—
and not once
did i experience
nor even witness
a moment of road rage;
the buzz on the road
felt relatively calm;
no one was speeding
or driving erratically,
nary a flipped bird
within the visible range
of my vehicle—
and yet,
i was so exhausted
that i took a nap in
a grocery store
parking lot.

when i picked up
my wife from work,
she asked if she could drive,
and i couldn’t wait
to get into
the passenger seat.

i will be mightily glad when
we can surrender the driving
to autonomous vehicles.

– Rosliw Tor Raekül,
C202108261751 C.S.T.

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