hunger is the secret ingredient

like a baby left for hours and hours in a hot car he woke up with a sweaty forehead and a buzz in his temples no room to stretch he got out of the car in his underwear shook his legs and hands rubbed the pain away from his knees and back of the neck There was a bottle of water he got from the park fountain among the litter in the back seat he opened it hot took a sip and swirled it around his mouth spat took another sip swirled spat that’s for dental hygiene He put on pants and a shirt locked the car and walked 50 paces to the nearest public restroom where he removed his shirt and washed his hairy armpits He studied the violet circles under his eyes in the mirror checked his teeth his tongue felt for wax in his ears put on a professional smile went to the public library and the desk by the window was free His smile grew brighter as he sat down and opened the notebook Chapter 86 would be next in the manuscript He looked out the window This writer life was precisely as romantic as he thought it’ll be no more no less

hunger is the secret ingredient

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