think about his future

They had the poor girl lie on the cold tile floor and then they all pissed on her and you could hear them tell her to open her mouth wide and stick her tongue out It was one of the poorest videos on the site but the women watching it recognized the girl She went to the same high school as them back in the day So trashy porn is what she turned to Not exceptionally unusual, but one of the kids running in the park before them was her child Just eight or nine “You know,” said one of them. “Like it or not it’s just a matter of time until our sons catch wind of this and then…” “Oh my…” “Goodness!” “The sins of the parents are visited upon the children. It’s not fair. Imagine the life her poor kid’s gonna have.” “Yeah, our own kids might very well be the bullies, we’ll never know. Like I said, it’s a matter of time…” “Well, goodness, what can we do about it?” “Flag the video?” “You know it won’t work…” “Oh, I got an idea. What if… you know, what if we all uploaded sexy vids of us. Um, not necessarily as trashy as this one but just pornographic enough. The boys won’t be able to gang up and bully one if all their mothers did it… Right? C’mon, let’s do it for that poor kid. Think about his future…” The other mothers looked at her and they kept looking mute until one of them pulled out her smartphone

think about his future

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