The Dom And The Goddess

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

In the year 1690 on the banks of the river Bhāgirathi-Hooghly locally known as the Kali-Ganga or Ganges in the ancient village of Sutanuti or India’s present-day Kolkata city stood a mesmerising idol of the Hindu Goddess Kali under the shade of a bowing colossal Neem tree. The appearance of the idol was simply bone-chilling. Her nude skin was darker than the unknown realms of the deepest abyss and her red tongue darted out of her mouth like a sword ready to slice through anything.

While a garland of skulls adorned her bosom, a girdle of severed human limbs skirted around her hips. Her long and curly hair flowed down to her knees like the mains of a wild mare. In her four hands, she carried a Khada, or a crescent-shaped giant sickle, a Trishul, or a trident, a freshly severed mortal head, and a bowl of human skull…

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