Mediation Day: Wolves in Suits

The Truth for Kyle Brennan

Wolves in Suits

When Peter Grilli escorted me into the mediation room—along with Ken Dandar and Luke Lirot—I saw that the defendants and their attorneys were already seated around the large conference table. The thought of inhabiting the same space as these Scientologists and their posse of lawyers filled me with dread.

We sat down along one side. Grilli, the mediator, was at the head of the table to my left. Directly across from me were the Scientology lawyers in their expensive suits: Wallace F. Pope, Robert Potter, and Lee Fugate. To their left sat their clients, the defendants in my wrongful-death lawsuit: Denise Miscavige—twin sister of Scientology leader, David Miscavige—her husband Gerald Gentile, and my ex-husband Tom Brennan. His lawyer, Rick Alverez, was directly opposite Grilli, but alongside Alverez—sitting straight and rigid, notebooks at the ready—sat two obvious, but unidentified, members of Scientology’s OSA (the Church’s Office of Special…

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