Green Tea and Effects on High Blood Pressure

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Yesterday was International Tea Day!!

Did you know International Tea Day was a thing?? I didn’t! As I was sipping my morning coffee (yes I allow myself one cup a day), I scrolled through some of my favorite blogs. Let me introduce you to one of them: Tanooki Homemade Cafe has a lot of incredible recipes (many plant-based!) and is a light-hearted fun blog to read. I learned about International Tea Day in their most recent post, where Tanooki talked about Hojicha. It is a delicious Japanese roasted green tea.

It got me thinking. Is green tea good or bad for high blood pressure? How does green tea affect blood pressure?

As always, check with your doctor for medical advice before changing your usual diet.

According to the articles I read, as expected, green tea does temporarily increase your blood pressure immediately after drinking. That makes sense, it’s a…

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