First ever wild albino chimpanzee spotted in Uganda shortly before it was Murdered by its pack.


The first known wild chimpanzee with albinism has been spotted in Uganda, but the 19-day-old animal was killed by its fellow pack just days after the initial sighting.

According to the Source, the team saw an alpha male trek out of a nearby thicket while holding just an arm of the baby albino, which have only just been published.

He also said that researches at the University of Zurich in Switzerland walked into the horrific scene on July 19, 2018, when they heard the screaming and cries of the mother and her 19-day-old infant that was being chased by others in their community.

A number of other chimps came rushing in, which began biting the fingers, leg, and ears of the screaming infant that was eventually taken by an adult female who then killed the baby albino.

According to the source the scientists were able to recover the body three…

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