Endless dreams and boundless imaginations!

Rupam, ” Hey , good morning, me Rupam, thank you very much for accepting my friend request. Nira, ” You welcome”. Rupam, ” Where are you from? If you don’t mind can we chat for sometimes”? Nira ,” Okay, I am from Bankura”. And what about you”? Rupam, “Bankura! Where is this place? Me from Rajasthan”. Nira, ” It’s one the district of West Bengal. I think you have heard about West Bengal”. Rupam ,” Yeah , sure, West Bengal,the only woman C.M of our country.”. Nira , ” Yes, you are right. What do you do”? Who are there in your family”? Rupam, ” I work in a bank. I have my parents, elder brother and sister-in-law.” And you”? Nira, ” I am a student yet, I am doing Master’s in Mathematics. We are six members in my family. My parents, my grandparents ,me and my sister”. Rupam, ”…

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