No solace


Thorny thoughts snag my thrumming mind

their projections piercing precarious, palsy-ridden peace

interrupting the sluggish chugging of life at will

muddying the already muddied lees.

Their insidious invasion with incessant cries

peoples my brain with fears known and unknown

the eerie silence that shrouds my surroundings

shatters into shards on which I lay my emotions.

I try to unfurl the mixed metaphors of life

instead my truths lie unlaced and unraveled

their ugly nakedness pushing me into the arms of wanton darkness

but, I realise, the dark environs have hidden agendas.

I fear every new morning that reveals unfamiliar demons

an uneven fight ensues every day

beaten and broken I sit hugging my knees

“This too shall pass” provides no solace.

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