Indoor Garden


Keeping your surrounding with plants helps you to think positively. I really love planting indoor. So that irrespective of the weather, i.e, wheather it is day or night, rain or ray I can be with my plants.

They always helps me to stay comfortable. Even when i am siting alone,plants help me from overthinking because siting alone has huge impact on overthinking.

I would like to share to you some of my indoor plants

When i graduated higher school, i used to some a little bit of bottle craft.Those bottle in the pictures were crafted by me.

They really helps me to keep my mind afresh. I planted those in my room itself. From morning,when i get up,it seems like they are smiling at me.. with those shining sunrays on them..

I bet that scenery would make my day perfect and delight. I love them. They are my best friends…

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